Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram… on which social network do the French spend the most time?

TikTok, YouTube, Twitch or WhatsApp… Apps have become an integral part of our lives. And sometimes we spend a little too much time on it; up to more than an hour and a half for TikTok for example. Find out how much time we spend online and which social network addicts us the most in France.

Carried out in March 2023, the IPSOS study, conducted among 1,048 respondents in France aged over 16, determined the average time spent per day on different social networks, during the last twelve months. Race results? Unsurprisingly, it’s on TikTok that French Internet users spend the most time with 1h33 on average per day, followed very closely by Twitch with 1h32.

YouTube on the podium

Respondents reported spending 1:18 on YouTube and 1:10 on Discord. The Meta group comes in fifth and sixth position with respectively 1h08 and 1h02 spent per day on Instagram and Facebook. Under 1 hour, we find Snapchat (59 minutes), Twitter (57 minutes), Telegram (55 minutes), WhatsApp (49 minutes), Messenger (47 minutes), LinkedIn (41 minutes), Pinterest (38 minutes) and Reddit (34 minutes). Signal and BeReal are the only social networks to be below 30 minutes with 23 minutes of time spent per day by the French.

If TikTok imposes itself in the general classification, it is not necessarily the social network most requested by men. The latter prefer to spend most of their time on applications to exchange, and first on Twitch, with 1h46 per day on average, then on YouTube with 1h08 and finally on Discord with 1h04.

Women meanwhile remain loyal to the Chinese social network by devoting 1h40 of their time to it, then on YouTube with 1h15 and finally Instagram with 1h12. The fairer sex is more attracted to entertainment platforms.

TikTok, YouTube and Twitch stand out as the must-have apps. Generation Z is no exception since 16-24 year olds spend more time on Twitch with 1h58, then on TikTok with 1h41 and finally on YouTube with 1h31. And yet, they most often use YouTube at 99%, Instagram at 85% and even Facebook at 79%.

As for those aged 60 and over, it is Facebook that seduces with one hour spent per day on average, tied with YouTube. And it is on Twitter that the Boomers then spend the most time with 40 minutes on average.

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