On Snapchat, “ficha” accounts broadcast nudes of minors without their consent

“Girls are killing themselves because of this! Sorry but everyone does what they want with their ass. All that is between you and the go, there is no reason to go damn anyone in fact. » « After ficha from 91, here is fisha from 93! Go report. “There is even no way to follow: there are 1,343,225 Ficha accounts. Two was enough. On Twitter, anonymous messages are multiplying to denounce the appearance of “Ficha” accounts on Snapchat. These pages harass young women, sometimes minors, by posting photos and videos where they are naked or naked. The feminist association NousToutes is concerned about the proliferation of these accounts: [URGENT] On Snapchat, “ficha” accounts are created by department and disclose sexual photos and videos of young girls. It is serious and forbidden. Ask Snapchat to intervene. RT this post! »

« It’s little ones who start this because they are bored in confinement », thinks to know Hind Ayadi, who spoke with one of these boys. The activist from working-class neighborhoods and associations in Garges-lès-Gonesse (95) saw four accounts appear in less than two weeks, only in her city. All departments of Île-de-France, including Paris, now have their own. And the phenomenon has overflowed into several regions of France.

 » It was horrible. It’s the worst possible thing for a girl. Sonia (1) found herself in a photo on one of these pages. To protect her, we have changed her name and will not give her department. In the same way, we will not put the addresses of these « Ficha » accounts, to avoid advertising them.

child pornography

 » Look. In the conversation she has with her neighborhood friends, Sonia receives the Ficha account that was created in her city. A few months earlier, an ill-intentioned boy has already shot pictures of her in undress. “These are photos that we send to each other between girlfriends. He stole my cell phone and sent them to himself. I told myself that I could still be targeted, ”explains the young girl in Terminal. It didn’t miss. The pictures are re-published. She is not recognizable there, her face not being visible. But the account manager adds Sonia’s Snapchat nickname. She almost instantly receives more than 70 requests for additions. “Only boys. The account also sends him a screen of views – more than 1,000 – and the number of screenshots. Huge on the scale of a single neighborhood. Even if her friends are there to comfort her, the blow is hard:

“I cried a lot, I even took medicine. I didn’t want to wake up anymore. I do not know how to explain it. I didn’t want to die, but I wanted to be unconscious. To not have to live all that. »

In Garges-lès-Gonesse, Hind Ayadi received messages from two minors, who lived the same story as Sonia. “It’s super dangerous. They are young, it is difficult to manage this kind of situations. They don’t want to talk to their parents about it anymore.  » She adds :

“These boys are unconscious. They display girls who are not 18 years old. It’s child pornography. They have not understood what they are risking. I took it upon myself to explain to them that they were going to end their confinement in Fleury! »


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Credits: Inès Belgacem

Close these accounts

Samia is 18 years old and lives in Garges-lès-Gonesse. “Everyone sent the accounts privately. It was very fast. She realizes that she knows some young girls displayed. Outraged, she and her friends decide to report the page. “They don’t realize what they are doing. In addition, we are confined, we do not have our whole head at the moment. Those girls could jump out the window…”

Hind Ayadi in turn takes matters into her own hands. She talks first with the boy who keeps the account. « It’s jokes, we laugh, » he replies. She realizes that to make his account work, he asks people to send him nudes. “I thought to myself that I had to shame him. The activist asks all young people in the neighborhood to stop sending her images and to publish anti-fichas messages on their Snaps. Everyone goes there with their little comment: « There is someone who has created something bad in the city », « Think of the families », « We will laugh for a few minutes, but those who are stuck, all their life they will have that on their backs”. Sufficient pressure for the young man to stop. “He closed the account”, comments Hind Ayadi, who however saw three other Ficha Snaps are created around their neighborhoodthen expand further.

In other places, things are not settled in the same way. According to this tweetyoung girls would have been fighting with a boy who would have posted their photos on a Ficha page.

Contacted by StreetPress, the National Police Information and Communication Service (Sicop) explains « having received very few reports for the moment ». No investigation is currently open – “We do not have enough elements to be able to dig” – even if they do not exclude doing so in the near future. The Sicop specifies that it is also possible to report these accounts on the Pharos platformdevoted to cybercrime.

Contacted by StreetPress, Snapchat acknowledged receipt but has yet to respond to our questions.

[Edit du 01/04/2020 : Snapchat nous assure que leur « équipe de sécurité “Trust and safety”, qui gère ce genre de chose, est au courant et se charge d’effectuer des screens. Elle vérifie s’il y a violation des conditions d’utilisation de la plateforme ».]

(1) The first name has been changed.

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