The ‘subway shirt’ trend on Tiktok: Singapore women share their views

Nursarah Safari said that as wearing loose clothing may make women feel safer while taking public transportation, the trend makes sense.

« As someone who dresses modestly, I empathise,” said the 23-year-old teacher. “I totally understand the rationale behind seeking refuge in modest clothing, especially if it means the women feel safer and more comfortable. It’s very applicable in Singapore, too.”

She added: “I think the trend shows us that there are ways for women to ‘attract less attention’ and safeguard themselves in public – even when they shouldn’t have to – and that dressing modestly is one of them.”


At the same time, it’s not just about feeling comfortable and safe but literally being safe too – including from being photographed without their consent.

“With today’s technology, harassers can easily and stealthily take pictures of women without being noticed, it’s very disturbing,” said Poon.

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