this new Snapchat feature that is confusing users

Par Romain Charp

This new tool available on Snapchat has aroused the concern of Internet users, as well as the government. Here’s why.

It’s a new feature who had the gift of surprising the users of Snapchat. Deployed a few days ago, the chatbot “ My AI » worries Internet users, and sometimes gives problematic statements. The artificial intelligence tool has been singled out by many Internet users as being intrusive. It uses technology from ChatGPTin-app Snapchat to make it a conversational tool. The tool was initially only available to users who subscribed to Snapchat+. The option was finally opened to all Snapchat users on Tuesday, May 2.  » You can ask me just about anything and I will do my best to help you. I also have good jokes reserved “, could read the users of Snapchat in the welcome message.

The conversation with the chatbot also remains pinned to the top of conversations Snapchat, whether we interact with it or not. To get rid of the chatbot, followers of the ephemeral messaging application are forced to subscribe to the Snapchat + subscription. Other aspects of this chatbot also caused a stir. On TwitterInternet users have highlighted his ability to approve reprehensible facts and to use the personal data users. For exemple,  » My AI » encourages relationships between teenagers and adults, with a significant age difference, as has been tested BFM TV. By using a fake account purporting to represent a 13 year old girl and indicating that you want to do his first time with a 30-year-old man, Snapchat’s chatbot claims that  » no matter where you choose, it would be very romantic ».

This new Snapchat feature has users taken aback

« Models such as Chat GPT collect a certain amount of information, and produce the most likely answer for a human. This is different from a coding system where the tool must give the definite answer as correct. AIs like that of Snapchat have no notion of veracity. In a way, the AI ​​says what the interlocutor wants to hear “, analyzed, with the Parisian, Michel Herquet, director of a consulting company specializing in artificial intelligence. A situation that also encouraged the Secretary of State for Children, Charlotte Caubelto react on Twitter. « The first criterion for the effectiveness of an artificial intelligence should be to identify the statutory rape. How can Snapchat miss this? I expect a quick reaction from their teams! “, she published.

THE snapchat teams quickly contacted Charlotte Caubel. «  The issue of protecting children from digital dangers is one of my priorities, so I’m always on the lookout for what’s going on. Very shortly after posting my tweet, we were contacted by Snapchat’s institutional representative. They are very responsive and take note of comments what we can do to them “, she reported. In parallel, the application seems to have been modified. The faults pointed out have been corrected, as claimed The Parisian.

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