TikTok prankster Mizzy flouts court order and sneaks into another home | UK News

Prankster Mizzy has posted a video of himself apparently going into a flat uninvited (Picture: PA /Twitter/@mizzythemenace)

TikTok prankster Mizzy has completely ignored his court order after posting a video of him appearing to sneak into yet another home.

The troublemaker, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, posted footage of himself and friends walking uninvited into a flat after allegedly finding the door open.

Before going in, he laughs, telling viewers he could ‘go to prison’.

After peering into a couple of bedrooms, the group is spotted by two people on the balcony, before a large dog, possibly an Alsatian, chases them out.

Mizzy, from Hackney, east London, was handed a criminal behaviour order last month which stated he must not directly or indirectly post videos on social media without the documented consent of those featured in the content.

A teenager who was fined and issued with a criminal behaviour order (CBO) after entering a stranger’s home in a TikTok video has been re-arrested two days after appearing in court.

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, known as Mizzy, appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday where he admitted one count of failing to comply with a community protection notice issued on May 11, 2022.

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Mizzy talking to his followers before going into the flat (Picture: Twitter/@mizzythemenace)
He says he could go to prison as a result of the prank (Picture: Twitter/@mizzythemenace)

It’s not clear whether the latest prank is staged or real, but the Met Police confirmed it’s looking into the incident, reports MailOnline.

The video starts with Mizzy standing in the hallway of a block of flats with two friends.

Speaking to the camera he says: ‘I am standing in the block with the guys, and I saw door that’s open and I know I could go to prison, and I know it’s stupid and I know this guy is going to say no.’

He manages to persuade his mates, including the person behind the camera, to join him, saying: ‘It’s for the memes, it’s for the bants, it’s for the guys.’

Mizzy is then seen looking into two bedrooms, including one with a cot in it, before walking into the living room.

Two adults, who are on a balcony, appear to spot the group and a their dog chases the group out of the flat.

In a second video, Mizzy is seen sprinting out of the door and down the corridor with the animal in pursuit. It’s captioned ‘my leg is mash’.

Two people with a dog on the balcony soon spot the group (Picture: Twitter/@mizzythemenace)
The dog chases Mizzy out (Picture: Twitter/@mizzythemenace)

He has gained notoriety over the past few months for sharing a number of videos of himself trespassing into people’s homes, stealing a pensioner’s dog, jumping out on a passer-by and trashing a Primark store, among other pranks.

One film shows him apparently barging into a home where there are young children present.

His antics have gained him lots of followers but also sparked outrage, with many appalled by what he and his friends are doing.

He’s controversially been invited onto TV shows, including BBC’s Newsnight and TalkTV.

Conservative Party member Chris Rose criticised the BBC for allowing him on the late night news show.

Mizzy appeared on TalkTV but was kicked off set by the presenter (Picture: TalkTV)
The teenager at Thames Magistrates’ Court where he appeared last month charged with failing to comply with a community protection notice (Picture: PA)

Writing on Twitter Mr Rose said: ‘Why is Mizzy on Newsnight? We should not reward or incentivise his illegal, anti-social behaviour. Idiotic decision by the BBC.’

TalkTV presenter Andrew Walker, meanwhile, threw Mizzy out while on air, angrily accusing the teenager of giving fellow guest, Reem Ibrahim, a ‘threatening look’.

Mizzy, however, denies any wrongdoing, telling MailOnline: ‘The whole time Reem Ibrahim was smiling, and I didn’t even do anything but give her eye contact while I was thinking about her question.’

Mizzy was handed the CBO at Thames Magistrates Court on May 24 after failing to comply with a community protection notice that he’d received days earlier.

Conditions of the notice included not trespassing on private property.

One of his friends in the latest video is Harle Jordean, 19, who hit headlines in 2011 for starting his own successful marble selling business while at primary school, turning over thousands of pounds.

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